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“Please read this statement carefully before you commence this e-commerce”

At PromiseShop, you can purchase spare parts for PROMISE hardware models and legacy PROMISE systems that are no longer listed on websites of our channel partners.
Due to popular demand, PromiseShop will continue to provide these items to our loyal customers.
To ensure our customers receive premium quality and service for each purchase:
1. We will confirm the status of the order with you, and we will also contact you if there is any shortage in supply for the item purchased.
2. All the items purchased in PromiseShop come with a warranty period of 6 months.
3. We accept order return within 30 days upon the delivery of the shipment. For any defective units, we provide RMA service to help diagnose and resolve the problems with your units.
4. We reserve the ultimate right to fulfill our order in the case of contingency.

Thank you once again for your loyal support. We hope you enjoy shopping at PromiseShop.

Have a question? Feel free to write to us at: shopcart@promise.com